1. G.Dilip Kumar and S.Deepak Raja of Final year EEE has participated in "Kurushetra 2014" an Interational Techno – Management Fest of College of engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai held from Jan – 29 to Feb 01 – 2014.

2. R.Arputharaj, M.Dhiwakaran has won second prize in Science Expo conducted by SIET.

3. A.Aravind Raj, M.Balamurugan has won third prize in Science expo conducted by SIET.

4. B.Venkatesam, A.Aravind Raj of Final year EEE has presented paper on Nano technology in Chennai Institute of Technology on 10-02-2013.

5. B.Vishal, J. Suriya Raj Kumar of final year EEE has presented paper on "HVDC & FACTS" in Chennai institute of technology on 10-02-2013.

6. G.Dilip Kumar and S.Deepak Raja of final year EEE has attended 2 days workshop on "Nuclear Generation" conducted by Anna University on 30-01-2014 and 01-02-2014.

7. R.Srinidhi, G.Anupriya, Shashi Kumar Chauhan, S.Kishore Kumar of Third year EEE has attended 2 days workshop and won 3rd prize on "Robo Species" conducted by IIT Bombay in SIET on 08-02-2014 and 09-02-2014.

8. Anjali Nair, Boobalan, Pavun Kumar and Prasathof Final year EEE have participated in Anna University Zonal meet and bagged 7 medals out of 8 events securing 3rd position overall of Zone – II Anna University Colleges



1 G.Gomathy FDP on Students Psychology on Innovation Technologies 13-12-2011
2 G.Gomathy One day National level Technical Seminar on Emerging trends in Wireless Technology 17-03-2010
3 G.Gomathy Fourteen Days National level FDP on Wireless Network Security 15-05-2013 To 28-05-2013
4 A.Sudha FDP on Power System Operation and Control June 2010
5 R.Lavanya National Level Workshop on Embedded System in Electrical Engineering 27-02-2009
6 R.Lavanya International Workshop on how to do Ph.D to an International Standard an International Prespective & How to Publish article in Peer Viewed Journals 05-08-2013
7 R.Lavanya 5 days Workshop on LABVIEW core 1 and core 2 23-05-2013 To 25-05-2013, 30-05-2013 To 31-05-2013
8 R.Lavanya National Seminar on Recent Trends in advancement in Electrical Drives and Control 15-03-2013
9 S.Ananthesh Kumar FDP on Electric Drives and Control 06-06-14 To 13-06-14
10 S.Ananthesh Kumar Two days National level seminar on PV Grid connected Renewable Energy Systems 04-01-14 To 05-01-14


1 A.Sudha Three days workshop on T&D conducted by TANGEDCO April 2012
2 A.Sudha One day seminar on Recent trends in renewable energy sources 10/03/2011



1. A.Sudha, "PMSG FED Improved full bridge three level DC/DC convertor for WECS", This paper presented in International Conference on Latest Trends in Engineering Technology, Science and Social Science by Research Community and published on "ISR Journals & Publications"

2. S.Ananthesh Kumar and R.MohanaSundaram, "Mitigating Power Quality Problems and Comparison of PV Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Distribution STATCOM in Stand Alone Wind Energy ConversionSystem" – Accepted for Publication in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), ISSN: 0973-4562

3. S.Ananthesh Kumar and Dr.S.Srinath, "Performance Comparison of Left Shunt and Right Shunt UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement" – Accepted for Publication in Hindawi Publication Corporation.


1. G.Gomathy, "Advanced computer networks and communication" – National Conference sponsored by Council of scientific and industrial research New Delhi at Sri Ram Engineering College held on April 2010.

2. G.Gomathy, "Implementation of Three phase inverter for UPS application" – National Conference held at SVCET September 2012

3. G.Gomathy, "Advanced Computer networks and communication" – National Conference at Sri Ram Engineering college April 2010.

4. A.Sudha, "PMSG FED Improved full bridge three level DC/DC convertor for WECS" – National Conference innovations in Special Electric drives power and Energy in Muthiyammal Engineering College, October 2013.

5. A.Sudha, Presented paper on "Development of energy forecasting model for Tamil Nadu" – National conference conducted by Anna University Panruti, Dec 2013.

6. A.Sudha, Presented a paper on "Led Application In Power Factor Correction" – National Conference on Communication Control and Energy System (NCCCES-2011) during 29th& 30th of Aug 2011.

7. G.Saranya, Presented a paper on "Design and Implementation of H.264 Codec using MPSOC" – International Conference held at Adhiparashakthi engineering College, April 2012.

8. R.Lavanya, Presented a paper on "Energy recovery scheme for high power inverters" – National Conference held at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, April 2006.

9. S.Ananthesh Kumar and Dr.S.Srinath, "Performance Comparison of Left Shunt and Right Shunt UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement", International Conference on Renewable Energy Utilization at Coimbatore Institute of Technology in 2014.

10. S.Ananthesh Kumar and Dr.S.Srinath, "Comparison of UPQC Configurations for Power Quality Improvement", International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology at Kerala in 2014

11. S.Ananthesh Kumar and Dr.S.Srinath, "Power Quality Improvement with RS-UPQC in Distribution System", National Conference on Computational Intelligence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Sathyabama University in 2014.

12. S.Ananthesh Kumar and Dr.S.Srinath, "Power Quality Augmentation with RS-UPQC under Distorted Input Condition", National Conference on Intelligent Power Electronics Technologies at R.M.D. Engineering College in 2014.

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